Theodore of the Absurd: Now Online!

Theodore of the Absurd is now available for free online viewing!

Plus: 366 Weird Movies — an excellent, expansive website that celebrates “the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, psychotronic, and the just plain WEIRD!” — is naturally one of my favorite places on the internet, so it’s quite the honor to see Theodore of the Absurd featured there with a very nice write-up about the film!

Be sure to browse the site and delve into the wide, wide world of weird movies. To get you started, here are their takes on a few of my favorite films:

  1. The Early Films of Robert Downey, Sr. (1964-68)
  2. Greaser’s Palace (1972)
  3. Brewster McCloud (1970)
  4. O Lucky Man! (1973)
  5. Weekend (1967)
  6. The Phantom of Liberty (1974)
  7. The Bed Sitting Room (1969)

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