About the film

Theodore wants to write and direct an avant-garde musical – but where he lives, linear storytelling and tonal music are considered avant-garde! No one in the town of Blipburg seems to understand Theodore…until he discovers a counter-cultural “underground” that welcomes eccentric artists just like him. But are these fringe-dwelling social outcasts everything they appear to be?

Bradvertising collage 2 smaller

Theodore of the Absurd is a film written, directed, and scored by Brad Glanden. It is an experimental ciné-roman with songs. It is a wacky comedy about alienation and existential despair. It is a satire on pseudo-rebellion, consumer culture, conformity, and nonconformity.


Written, Produced, Directed & Edited by Brad Glanden

Director of Photography: Jon Dorn

Additional Cinematography by Shaun Clarke and K.J. Wang

Music & Lyrics by Brad Glanden

Marshall Berenson as Detective Farber
Henry Correira as Theodore’s Dad
C.E. Courtney as Zen Gottschalk
Frankie Frain as Vivian, Dr. Diplodocus (Voice), Ezekiel (Voice), Mr. I Dunno (Voice), Dad (Voice), and Zen (Voice)
Brad Glanden as Theodore
E.J. Massa as Dr. Diplodocus
Maria Natapov as Stella, Daisy, Tina, Dunk (Voice), Kay (Voice), and Theodore’s Mom (Voice)
Alex Peacher as Arnheim
Will Rogan as Lew “Android” Webber
Ingrid Stobbe as Dunk and Andrea
Christopher Ronjohn Troejaxx as Ezekiel
Pamela Valentine as Theodore’s Mom
Eric van der Vynckt as Mr. I Dunno
Danielle Zuckerman as Kay Mart
Qinshu Zuo as Lucy Adapted

Free Jazz performances by
Mark Allen
Joe Anderson
Don Glanden
Ryan Kuhns
Marcus Myers

Special Thanks to
Robert Todd
Kathryn Ramey
Maurice Methot
Jan Roberts-Breslin

Thanks to
Pierre Archambault
C.E. Courtney
John Gianvito
Don & Jody Glanden
Eric Gordon
Nick Manley
Laurance Thomas

Completed as an MFA Thesis Project for the MFA in Media Art at Emerson College in Boston, MA


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